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The Finnish Seamen's Mission worldwide.

The Finnish Seamen's Mission is a neutral non-profit association, whose mission is to be the church and meeting place for moving people.

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The Seamen's Mission, a piece of Finland overseas

The Seamen's Mission is a meeting place for all Finnish people abroad. Whether you are an inter-railer, somebody working abroad, an au pair, a student, a tourist, a mariner, a professional motorist or an expatriate, you will be cordially welcome.

The Seamen's Mission is a living room where everyone is respected and is listened to individually. Essential to our activities is getting people together. Come as you are - no membership card or church affiliation will be requested. With us, you can feel at home, be yourself among other people.

At the Seamen's Mission you can have a shower, a sauna bath, park your luggage, read Finnish newspapers and books and buy Finnish foodstuffs and other articles. At the mission you will also find a telephone, an e-mail facility, a fax machine, a copying machine, a washing machine, a grill and local information, etc. At some of our establishments you may also find accommodation at favourable rates.
The Seamen's Missions are diversified suppliers of various services to Finnish residents abroad or to those temporarily staying and getting around there. We arrange concerts, art exhibitions, celebrations, sports activities, clubs, meetings, various courses and educational occasions, bazaars and many other events relating to social life and Finnish culture.
We also hold weddings and funerals, christenings and other baptisms, Sunday school, confirmation school and bible circles, devotions and religious services. At the Seamen's Mission you may also relax and reflect for a while, either on your own or sharing your thoughts with someone who is responsible and attentive.

The Seamen's Mission is a piece of Finland abroad, a cosy place of rest during your journey or amid the bustle, a home away from home.
You are warmly welcome!

You will find us in Athens, Brussels, Hamburg, London, and Rotterdam.

In Poland we area available monthly at the premises of the Lutheran Parish of Warsaw. The Seamen's Mission annually arranges popular Christmas Church tours to South East Asia.

Our functions in Finnish ports

The Seamen's Missions on our home shores are genuine local centres of international life. Seafarers from various countries meet there, as do drivers in heavy traffic as well as tourists and local people.
Depending on the establishment, there are canteens, a coffee shop, a tax-free shop, a reading room, a library, billiards, table tennis, satellite television, Internet, telephone, shower bath and transport and guide services, meeting premises, excursion activities, visits aboard, informational events and so on. At the Seamen's Missions in Turku and at Vuosaari there is also a sauna bath and laundry facilities.

Regardless of age or sex, anyone interested in Christian or international activities is welcome to join in the various voluntary activities of the Seamen's Missions in Finland. Do get in touch with the nearest Seamen's Mission and ask about our volunteer courses and the chances of participating in its aid work for the good of your fellows from far away.

We also offer local congregations an opportunity to add international colouring by joining in the parishes' local lay work in cooperation with the Seamen's Mission. The parish can utilise the diverse facilities of the operations of the Seamen's Mission and the solid expertise of our workers in affairs concerning the meeting together of various religions and cultures.

We also provide emergency assistance. When crisis strikes, contact the nearest Seamen's Mission.

Check the detailed contact information, opening hours and services of each Seamen's Mission and the central office.