The Finnish Seamen’s Mission

With you abroad

The Seamen’s Church is a meeting place open to all. We meet our neighbours abroad, in Finnish ports and on ships. To us, you can come as you are. We offer you company, everyday services and support when you need it.

We have been working for seafarers, as well as Finns living and moving abroad since 1875. More than 200,000 encounters are generated annually in our operations.

The purpose of our work is to maintain the mental well-being of people and thus alleviate loneliness, preventive exclusion and, on ships, the possibility of human error and accident.

Our churches abroad

The Finnish Seamen’s Churches in Europe

At the moment, Finnish Seamen’s Churches are located in Hamburg, Rotterdam, Brussels and London. In Athens we operate on the Swedish Church and on the Spanish Sun Coast together with the Finnish Congregation there. In addition to in the mentioned cities, we have operations on the area around and even in the neighboring countries.

The Seamen’s Missions in Finland

From Kemi to Hamina

There is a seamen’s mission in seven ports in Finland: Kemi, Oulu, Kokkola, Rauma, Turku, Vuosaari and Hamina. All of these operate in the immediate area of several ports. Turku and Vuosaari are easily reached by public transport, but to others, permission is needed to enter the port area.

Sailing Chaplains

Our work on board ships

Our sailing chaplains are like harport chaplains, but sail with Finnish ships. The sailing chaplains support the ship community and perform preventive work against accidents. They strive to prevent the wlee-beingof individual seafarers and working teams.