Information about us

The Finnish Seamen’s Mission

The Finnish Seamen’s Mission meets neigbours abroad, in Finnish ports and ships. The Finnish Seamen’s Mission creates caring communities in its activities and is your friend both at home, as well as abroad and on the sea. We have worked for and with seafarers and Finns abroad since 1875. We support people and communities in joy, sadness and the ordinary. in Our operations generate about 150 000 meetings annually.

The Finnish Seamen’s Mission is a registered association that has both persons and congregations as members. Annual- and electoral meetings are the highest decision-making bodies for the association. The election meeting elects the board that makes the operational decisions. The Secretary-General directs the every-day work following the directions of the Board.

In addition to the association in Finland, the Seamen’s Mission has legal entities in Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom. These are needed to meet local legal requirements. Together, these make up the Finnish Seamen’s Mission community.

The Seaman Church central office is located at the Seamen’s Church in Vuosaari. The central office manages administration, communication and fundraising for the entire Finnish Seamen’s Mission community.

Of annual income, up to 60% of our own business is generated. Christmas and Easter bazaars abroad are the biggest sources of income, and in addition to that, cafes and shops in our places of business bring a tidy sum. Approximately 30% are budget appropriations by state and church organizations. The rest consists of donations of various kinds such as the shipping industry and private persons and also wills.